Fine art wedding photography and films

Your wedding is a tale worth telling.

At Zoticus, it’s been a habit to go an extra mile to breathe life into all your precious memories so that you relive them every time you look at your wedding pictures or the film. We don’t just take photographs, we make them – one at a time, only for you to take a ride back into memory lane and feel the same emotion that you did at the wedding. Every time we play with light and shadow, with the flash and lenses, we tell tales, those tales which we choose to tell by sneaking in and stealing some candid moments out of your most important day. It isn’t just wedding photography, it’s your big day full of happiness, tears, dreams & promises – for now and forever.

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Cinematic highlight films

Our wedding films are a great compilation of your memorable moments in a cinematic manner. With tradition at heart, we build your wedding film based on your emotions and reactions that make your tale a unique one. Our cinematic wedding films are a perfect companion and extension to the wedding pictures we make.

Hiring us would be the best decision you’ll make for your wedding day and trust us you’ll love the images and the wedding film.

We aren’t just a team of professional photographers or filmers who’ll document your wedding! We are there to make you look stunning, feel beautiful and special, to make every member of your family dance to the tunes at your Sangeeth, to calm you down when you panic, to hand a tissue to your mom when she starts crying and to make the biggest day of your life the best day ever.

We are there for you throughout your events, probably more than any other vendor and maybe more than your significant other. We will have fun together, laugh and maybe even cry. We promise not to make it boring.

We understand the importance of your wedding day. That is why you’ll never see us take anything lightly and ensure we make the best images that’ll be seen by your children and grandchildren.

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